I don't have a boat license and I've never driven a boat before. Will I be able to drive an Eco Boat?

Is their a minimum age to hire one of our electric boats? 

Yes. Minimum age to hire one of our electric boats is 21 years.
Yes! They are extremely easy to operate, and we'll explain the safety rules and provide you with full instructions on how to drive the boat before you set off. You do NOT need a boat licence to drive our hire boats. 

Can I bring food and drink on board?

Is there a miniumum and maximum time I can hire an Eco Boat?  

Absolutly - You can bring your own food, drinks and alcohol on board - there is nothing better than enjoying a floating picnic on an Eco Boat!  Our boats are fitted with an ice box and ice bricks are available upon request, or bring your own ice. Please note that the person operating the boat must not exceed the legal alcohol limit of 0.05% (same as for a car).
If you dont want to bring your own picnic and would prefer a professional catered option then we recommend Bonds Corner Cafe, based in Northbridge. They can prepare a picnic for you! Simply call them on 02 9958 8541 to discuss options and pick up.
You can hire an Eco Boat for a minimum period of 1 hour and a maximum period of 6 hours.

What are your operating hours?

What happerns if there is bad weather? 

Operating hours are during daylight hours only and weather permitting.
If Eco Boats determines that the weather conditions (or forecast) at the moment of hire are dangerous /unsafe for our hire boats, a rescheduled booking will be provided at no charge. Local conditions are to be assessed and determined by Eco Boats staff at the actual time of hire.

Is fishing allowed on an Eco Boat?

Is there a toilet on board?

No fishing, sorry.
There is no toilet on board. But dont worry! We will provide you with a map of the area showing toilets on the foreshore at selected berthing points which you can easily access - we promise you wont be caught short!

Can children be on board an Eco Boat?

Is smoking allowed on an Eco Boat?

Smoking is strictly prohibited. 
For sure! Sailing on an Eco boat is great and safe for all ages. 
Full safety gear is available on the hire boats. We can provide life vests for children of 12 kg body weight or more. For younger kids, please consult us to discuss the options.

Can I buy a Eco Boat Hire gift voucher?

What area of Middle Harbour can we explore on an Eco Boat?

Please download here a map of our area of operation.
Yes you can! Just give us a call and we can organise a personalised gift voucher that will make an awesome and unique gift.

What are your conditions of booking?

Please download here our conditions of booking.